Between earth and sky - 2017

Adam Galach and Christos Papasotriou prepare found objects for an installation artwork.

In Situ3 Workshop, 18 - 29 Sept 2017

 Places are “always in a process of becoming, seething with emergent properties, but usually stabilised by regular patterns of flow that possess particular rhythmic qualities”

- Edensor, Tim. 2010.  Geographies of rhythm:  Nature, place, mobilities and bodies. Surrey: Ashgate.

Reflect on your research. Step out of the pressure of the school and meet other ambitious Visual Arts Masters students in and beyond the established fields of your course. In this master class in Ponte da Mucela (Portugal), you will have the chance to develop your ideas through perceiving the local flow of space and time, its cyclical or linear nature, examining rhythms, diffusions, as well as disruptions.

 Find clearer focus in a different place. Gain dedicated and personal mentorship from experienced artists on your current work or new project, helping you adapt or distil the direction of your studies. The village and surrounding hills await your drawing, painting, photography, videography, writing, or experiments on various scales with location-specific interventions.

The area also offers opportunities for hiking, architectural delights, and trips along the river in a rowboat. In the evenings, students can have discussions and relax around the fire, enjoying new and inspiring company.