Creating a future in the middle of nowhere - 2015

"Even beyond the mountain slopes, the sediment layers in the rock, the landscape was tilted, things weren't on a straight line. It implied movement over a great deal of time that had come to a standstill, like an old wheel." Site-specific art installation by Camille Cluzan.

Ponte da Mucela is a forgotten village in central Portugal, just 30 km from Coimbra, on the picturesque Rio Alva, named after the monumental stone bridge dating from 1295. The quiet street in front of the house was once a busy truck route. For years, the N17 highway was flooded with heavy traffic and trade between Portugal and Central Spain. When a new route replaced it more than a decade ago, the village was abandoned and forgotten by many.

In 2013, Prof Kris van ‘t Hof (RAFA) saw a unique opportunity and bought a 1940s neoclassical villa and former automobile repair hall, with an overgrown parkland adjacent to the river Alva. He is establishing A Garagem d'Arte (The Art Garage) at this location.

The intention is to cultivate a creative hub for workshops, a sculpture park, modest festivals and exhibitions in conjunction with other artistic individuals.